I use geophysical and geologic techniques to quantify feedbacks between tectonism, fluid flow, paleoclimate, and granular sediment deformation. Some questions that I am currently interested in answering include:

  • How do pre-existing faults influence strain accommodation in strike-slip boundaries?
  • How do sedimentation patterns influence strain localization and fault geometry?
  • How do sediments near the rupture areas of faults deform during earthquakes?
  • How does tectonism change granular sediments, and what are its consequences?
  • How and why does the seismic velocity of fault zones change with time?
  • How and why do sands within the upper 30 m of the subsurface change spatiotemporally?
  • What physics governs how sands change within the upper 30 m of the subsurface?

Answering these questions may provide insights into how interactions between tectonics and granular sediment deformation promote or limit earthquakes and earthquake-triggered geohazards.

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