PI-Wright and Carlene Burton are passionate about applying inquiry-based pedagogical approaches (e.g. the STAR  legacy cycle) to teaching Geoscience to a diverse group of students. A list of their involvement in Geoscience education research is listed below and in their CVs. Please feel free to contact them about course materials. Also, see PI-Wright's 2019 American Geophysical Union conference poster concerning improving diversity in Geoscience through modification of existing pedagogical approaches here.


GeoFORCE Curriculum

GeoFORCE is an out-of-school time program that aims to increase the diversity of students pursuing Geoscience degrees. The program recruits students from minority-majority schools in Texas and introduces them to geology during week-long summer courses. PI-Wright, along with the GeoFORCE team, develop an inquiry challenge-based curriculum for the course. He also teach for the program.

Sedimentation Lab Exercises

PI-Wright was the teaching assistant for the undergraduate sedimentation course while a graduate students at Southern Methodist University for two years. During that time, PI-Wright converted all the traditional cookbook labs exercise to inquiry-based ones. Roughly half of the students in those classes have gone on to attain graduate degrees in sedimentology! In Spring 2019, as a graduate student, PI-Wright stepped in and taught this course for half a semester.

GIS and Cartography Course

While a graduate student, PI-Wright developed and taught a one-credit graduate-level course at Southern Methodist University called GIS and Cartography in Earth Sciences. Prior to the course, less than two students in the department used GIS. Afterwards, closer to ten or more students used GIS applications within their theses or dissertations.

FYRES Research Mentor Program

As an undergraduate, PI-Wright spent a summer developing a research mentor program for an inquiry-based earth science research course that caters to students in their first semester of college. The program is taught at Calvin University where it is called First-Year Research in Earth Sciences. PI-Wright was also a research mentor for the course.


Other PI Teaching Experiences:

- Structural Geology; Main instructor
- Physics of Sediments, Scripps; Main instructor
- Geophysical and Geochemical Analyses of Sediments, Scripps; Main instructor
- Computer Methods in Earth Sciences, SMU; Teaching Assistant
- Mineralogy, Calvin University; Teaching Assistant